0 Two Dangerous Diseases in Children

Urethral Prolapse

Urethral prolapse is a condition occurring predominantly in the premenarchal and post-menopausal age groups. It is characterized by the appearance of a red, fleshy, friable rumour ventrally in the subclitoral region when the labia are paneand may mimic a more serious lesion at either extreme of life.  Click the link to find more information about urethral prolapse treatment and management.
Six children aged between 4 years and 11 years were treated at the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital over a I-year period; the incidence was 6,2% of new patients seen at the gynaecological clinic. All patients presented with some degree of vaginal bleeding. In some a mass had been noted on inspection. The amount of bleeding varied from being fairly heavy and bright red in color to a small amount of staining noticed on toilet paper or underwear. In 5 patients a parent confirmed an excessive amount of vaginal discharge. This was yellow in color, non-offensive and nonirritant. In 1 case Neisseria gonorrhoeae was present. The children were not particularly malnourished as suggested by Parkes. 1 There were no urinary symptoms.
Scalp Fungus

The scalp fungus in children is often called Tienea Capitis and should seem in many alternative ways. Those include; matter hair with crusts, sleek spots of hair loss, itching, pain, dry scalp, excessive dandruff, redden areas of hair loss with pus, gentle scaling on the perimeters of the scalp, and uneven spots of hair loss.

It is important if you notice any kind of scalp infection, to treat it in real time otherwise you could sustain any variety of the fore mentioned aspect effects. Once the scalp infection isn't recognized for a protracted amount of your time and treatment has not been administered, the flora infection can cause pus pockets on the scalp, and ends up in enlarged humour nodes at the rear of the neck and behind he ears. If the flora infection isn't treated among an affordable time-frame, the scalp will suffer permanent hair loss and scarring. I’ve read about this here.


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